The profit switcher uses the profit information for coins and mining pools as described in the guide for Coin and profit statistics.

When mining with GPU or CPU where the hashrates are different depending on algorithm, the Profit profiles are used by the profit switcher to know which pool and algorithm is most profitable. It's important that the hashrates defined in the Profit profile are matching what the mining system actually can perform, otherwise the profit switcher may change to an algorithm that turns out to be less profitable.

Use the Benchmark feature to automatically let Awesome Miner find out the performance: Benchmark of algorithm hashrates

The hashrates can also be manually specified in the Profit profile. Right click on a miner and select Edit profit profile to open the properties for the profile.

To get insight why the profit switcher selects a specific algorithm, right click on the miner and select View Details and go to the Profit switching tab. Please note that these hashrates and profit estimates are based on what is defined in the Profit profile. They may not match the actual hashrate and profit. If they are not matching, please use the Benchmark feature or manually edit the profit profile to ensure they match, otherwise the profit switcher may select a less profitable pool. See also: View profit calculations

For general information about how the profit switcher works, see the complete guide for Profit Switching.