Awesome Miner can use the following sources for coin information and statistics, where all popular coins are included:

Awesome Miner can also get profit information from the following multi coin/algorithm pool services:

  • Nicehash
  • Zpool
  • Mining Pool Hub
  • AHashPool
  • Hash Refinery
  • Mining Dutch
  • Blazepool
  • Block Masters
  • NLPool

Display of profit information for a miner

In order for Awesome Miner to display revenue and profit information for a miner, Awesome Miner must know the coin of the pool. If no coin is defined, Awesome Miner will not be able to display this information. To define the coin for the current pool, right click on the miner and select Define Coin Pool.

To display profit information for Nicehash, Zpool or Mining Pool Hub, set the coin to any of the "Unspecified" coins for the algorithm used, for example "Unspecified X11". This indicates that Awesome Miner doesn't know which coin with the X11 algorithm that is being mined, but will be able to detect if one of Nicehash, Zpool or Mining Pool Hub being used and can based on all this information display the correct profit information.

For other coin switching pools, Awesome Miner will not be able to display profit information. The reason is that Awesome Miner has no knowledge of which coin is mined - this information is only known by the pool itself.

Is the profit information in Awesome Miner correct?

Awesome Miner uses the information provided by the sources listed above to calculate the profitability based on the current hashrate. If the information on one of these pools are incorrect, Awesome Miner will not be able to detect that. For any profit values that are too high, please compare with the web site of the pool and contact the pool operator for any questions.

If there is a difference between the numbers displayed in Awesome Miner compared to the pool web site, please see the section below about using current profit information compared to 24 hours average.

Lower payout from the pool than expected?

This is not related to Awesome Miner, but how the profit switching pools operate. The profit switching pools are mining what is most profitable at the moment, but at the time the coins are exchanged for Bitcoin, the exchange rate may be lower when everyone is selling the coin at the same time. For this reason, what looked very profitable an hour ago, can turn out to have very low profitability in the end.

Please note that this is a general drawback with profit switching and is related to how each pool is doing the profit switching. For any questions about lower payouts than expected, please contact the pool operators. Awesome Miner is not a mining pool and will not take responsibility for the payout.

Current profit information or 24 hour average

Awesome Miner can either use the current profit information or the 24 hour average profit information. This can be configured via the Options dialog, Statistics Settings section. Available options:

  • Current: The current profit value reported from the pool. This will give large variations in what is most profitable and may result in many switches.
  • 24 hour average (estimate for Yiimp based pools): For zpool, Hash Refinary and similar pools, the value will be based on the last 24 hour estimates. For Nicehash and this represents the 24 hour average profit.
  • 24 hour average (actual for Yiimp based pools): For zpool, Hash Refinary and similar pools, the value will be based on the actual payouts the last 24 hours. For Nicehash and this represents the 24 hour average profit (same as above).

When comparing the profit numbers in Awesome Miner with what is being displayed on and the pool web sites, please take into consideration that depending on the setting above, the numbers may not match. Sources like WhatToMine is by default listing the profit information based on the 24 hour average on their web site.

Improve accuracy of estimated payouts

Awesome Miner provides two features for improving the accuracy of the estimated revenue reported by the mining pools. Please note that it's still the responsibility of the mining pool to provide accurate estimates, but Awesome Miner can adjust them to be more realistic.

The screenshot below illustrates the concepts of Actual payout and Volatility in the Online Services tab.

Actual payout - Adjust reported revenue 

For Yiimp based pools, Awesome Miner can compare their estimated payout with their actual payout for each algorithm. Awesome Miner uses the data for the last 3 days to calculate the "Actual Performance", indicating how far the estimates are from the actual payouts on average. A value of 100% indicates that the estimates matches the actual payouts an a value of 75% indicates that the payouts are 75% of the estimate on average.

The feature to adjust the reported revenue, Adjust reported revenue for actual payout performance can be enabled in the Options dialog, Statistics Settings section. The actual payout performance will be displayed in the Online Services tab in the main window and the Revenue and Profit values will be adjusted based on this factor. The profit switcher will also use adjusted values when making profit decisions.


This feature requires a Cloud Services Premium Subscription or above. The Volatility feature uses frequent updates from the Awesome Miner Cloud Services to get the volatility for the reported revenue of all the predefined pools on the Online Services tab.

The Volatility feature can be enabled in the enabled in the Options dialog, Statistics Settings section. The feature can also be configured to consider the revenue of a pool to be zero if the volatility is above a defined level, for example 150%. A high volatility value indicates large changes to the pool revenue and the pool may not be able to actually pay out at this level. By assuming the revenue to be zero in these instances, the pool will no longer be prioritized by the profit switcher. The Online Services tab will however still show the revenue even when the volatility is above the defined value.

Manual adjustments

To change the revenue reported from a predefined pool, go to the Options dialog, Online Services section. A single algorithm for a pool can be updated and multiple entries can be selected where the Bulk Edit feature can be used to modify all selected entries at once. Modify the property Profit factor to for example 0.8 to indicate that Awesome Miner should use 80% of the revenue value reported by the pool - making it show up as less profitable.

Advanced: Override coin algorithms

In case any of the coin statistics providers are reporting an incorrect algorithm for a coin, the algorithm can manually be overridden for a specific coin. This can be the case when a coin is forked to use another algorithm, but the coin statistics provider has not yet changed to the correct algorithm.

To override the algorithm for a coin, open the Options dialog, Statistics section and use the setting for Override coin algorithms.