Awesome Miner can run benchmarking for CPU and GPU mining, based on the defined Profit switching profiles. The purpose of the benchmark is to update the profiles with the correct hashrate for each algorithm, which is required for the profit switching feature to make correct decisions.

The benchmark feature is accessed by selecting a Managed Miner or Managed Profit Miner in the main window of Awesome Miner, and click the Benchmark button in the Tools toolbar. The benchmark can be used for both local and remote miners.

The benchmark is performed on a single GPU for GPU mining. Please note that the GPU index number may be different across different mining software. When running benchmarks on systems with mixed GPU types, a different GPU may have to be selected to match what the mining software is expecting. For systems with identical GPU's, no changes to the GPU selection is required.

When the benchmark has finished, the selected results can be saved to the Profit switching profile. To manually modify these settings later, go to the Options dialog, Profit profile section.

Multiple software supporting the same algorithm

If a profit profile has multiple mining software enabled with support for the same algorithm, the algorithm will be listed for each mining software. When benchmarking the algorithm, Awesome Miner will compare the hashrate of each mining software. When saving the result, Awesome Miner will save the highest hashrate and the software that produced it to the profit profile. When the profit switcher is looking at the algorithm in the profit profile, it will know the software that produced the hashrate. Note that Awesome Miner doesn't save the hashrate for the mining software that didn't produce the best hashrate, as this information isn't of any use for the profit switcher.

Best practice

It's recommended to define hashrates based on what a single GPU can perform. To display profit information for a complete mining computer, use the Group profiles in Options dialog, Profit profile section. A Group profile can define how many of each GPU (represented by a Profit profile) the system has. The Group profile can then be used to display profit information on the Coins and Online services tabs in the main window of Awesome Miner. The Group profiles can also be defined for a miner, to let the profit switcher know the GPU composition.

If all GPU's are identical, there is no need to define a Group profile for a miner. The profit switcher will make the same decisions no matter if one or many GPU's are used as long as they are identical.