The Notification feature is included in Awesome Miner Standard Edition and above. To use SMS or Telegram App notifications, a Cloud Services subscription is also required.

The main window of Awesome Miner provides the tab Notifications where all notifications are listed. This is illustrated in the screenshot below.

Notification acknowledged

The Notifications tab will be highlighted if there are at least one notification that isn't acknowledged. Some events will not generate more than one notification until that notification has been acknowledged.

Awesome Miner will keep the last 8000 notifications. Older notifications will automatically be removed to keep this limit.

Configuration: Notifications

This section describes the settings in the Options dialog, Notifications section.

The e-mail and SMS options are disabled unless they have been configured on the E-mail & SMS page described in a later section. 

Notification levels

These settings configures the actions to be taken when a notification is created, configurable separately for information and warning level notifications. All notifications will be displayed in the Notifications tab in Awesome Miner, but can additionally be displayed as a desktop popup window or sent as a Telegram message.

Desktop popup

Configuration of how many seconds the desktop notifications will be displayed on the screen. The desktop notifications are by default displayed in the buttom right corner of the screen.

Notifications bitcoin mining


Telegram is mobile and desktop messaging app that also can be used for delivering notifications. See the page about Telegram notifications for information about how to configure Telegram in Awesome Miner.


Webhooks will make a HTTP request to the specified URL for every notification. The default setting is to use POST, which is required to include the notification content in the HTTP body.

Configuration: E-mail & SMS

This section describes the settings in the Options dialog, E-mail & SMS section.


Configuration of e-mail server and account to be used for sending notification messages by e-mail.

The fields Sender name and Sender e-mail address will be the name and address that will be displayed in the From section of the message being sent.

The field Default receiver e-mail address is the e-mail address where the message should be sent to. This setting can be overridden when defining custom rules, but the address configured here will be the default.

Most e-mail service provides requires authentication to send e-mail messages using their SMTP server.


The SMS feature requires an Awesome Miner Cloud Services subscription.

The phone number must be specified including country code, and must always start with a plus sign (+). For example: +15550100123

Troubleshooting E-mail settings

Authentication failure

  • Many SMTP servers requires the authentication to be enabled. The "Test account settings" might indicate that the connection settings are correct, because it will only connect to the SMTP server, not send any messages. Use the "Send test message" button to send a message to fully test the configured settings.
  • Some SMTP servers can fail to send e-mail messages where the "Sender e-mail address" is the default "". Please change this to your own e-mail address, so you are both the sender and receiver of the e-mail messages.
  • For Gmail: Authentication is required and the e-mail address should provided as the username
  • For Gmail: If Google 2-step verification has been enabled for the mail account, an application specific password needs to be generated and entered in Awesome MIner
  • For Gmail: Enable the Gmail setting "Allow less secure apps" according to Gmail help pages. All connections made by Awesome Miner to Gmail are secure and encrypted, but "Less secure" referres to applications external to Google.

How to avoid multiple E-mail / SMS messages

An action to send e-mail can be triggered multiple times if the trigger condition is true. In this scenario, replace the E-mail action with a Notification action. A notification can be configured to send e-mail (Options dialog, Notification section), but the notification can also be configured if it should be triggered multiple times or not (using the "Notify once" setting).

The same concept is also applicable for SMS messages and Webhooks.


Awesome Miner allows variables to be used in notification messages, where the variables are replaced with information about the miner that triggered the notification. The supported variables are:

  • [MinerName] The name of the miner
  • [MinerId] A unique identifier for the miner
  • [MinerIp] The IP address of the miner
  • [MinerGroup] The name of the group that the miner belongs to
  • [NotificationId] The identifier for the notification message. Can be used for performing operation on the notification via the Awesome Miner API
  • [var:MyMagicVariable] The content of the specified miner variable or global variable. Use "var:" followed by the variable name. For more information see the article about miner variables and global variables.