A variable represents a value - either a number like 42 or a string like "mining". Variables can either be defined per miner or globally.

Miner variables

Variables can be defined in the Properties of a miner, Advanced section. Each miner can have its own set of variables and variable values.

Global variables

Global variables are variables not stored for a specific miner but globally for the entire system. Global variables can be defined via the toolbar Tools -> Rules -> Global variables.

Where variables can be used

  • Rule triggers. Use the Check variable trigger to decide if a rule should trigger based on the value of a variable.
  • Rule actions. Use the Set variable action to assign a new value or increase the value of a variable.
  • Property filters. Filter the miner list based on variable values via the toolbar Tools -> Find -> Property filter -> Edit, where the filter Variables can be found
  • Notifications. Use variables in notification messages by using the following syntax: [var:MyMagicVariable]