Telegram is mobile and desktop messaging app that also can be used for delivering notifications. Awesome Miner can delivery notifications via Telegram, in a similar way to how e-mail and SMS can be used for notifications. An active Awesome Miner subscription is required in order to use Telegram notifications. A Cloud Services account is required.

Getting started

1) Install the Telegram app on your device

2) Add the Awesome Miner Cloud Services bot: @CloudServicesBot

3) Pair your Telegram account with Awesome Miner by sending to following to the bot:

/login <e-mail>

4) An activation code will be sent to your e-mail account. Send this 6 digit activation code to the bot using the following command:

/activate <6 digit activation code>

Configure Awesome Miner for Telegram notifications

1) Open the Options dialog, Cloud Services section. Make sure Cloud Services is enabled and the password is correctly entered.

2) Go to the Notifications section of the Options dialog. Enable Telegram message for information and/or warning messages.

3) The notifications in Awesome Miner will now be sent out as Telegram messages as well. A rule can for example be configured with the action Notifications.

Optional: Send messages to a Telegram group

If you have paired your Telegram account with Awesome Miner, you can add the bot to an existing Telegram group. The bot can be configured to send messages to the group, making the message visible to any user part of this Telegram group.

1) Add the bot (@CloudServicesBot) to a Telegram group

2) The bot will send you a private message to confirm it was added to the group. The bot will also give a group identifier to be used in Awesome Miner to send messages to this specific group.

3) A Notification action in Awesome Miner can be configured to send Telegram messages to this specific group only. Fill in the group identifier (provided by the bot in the previous step) in the field Telegram groups.

4) A message can be sent to multiple Telegram groups if needed. Group identifiers can be separate by a colon.

Available commands

Login to begin the association process for your Telegram account with Awesome Miner.

/login <e-mail>

Activate to finalize the association process using the code sent by e-mail

/activate <6 digit activation code>

Logout to remove the association between your Telegram account and Awesome Miner. No more Telegram notifications will be received.


Status will indicate if the Telegram account is associated with Awesome Miner


Groups will list all the Telegram groups you have added the Telegram bot to