Telegram is mobile and desktop messaging app that also can be used for delivering notifications. Awesome Miner can delivery notifications via Telegram, in a similar way to how e-mail and SMS can be used for notifications.

A Cloud Services subscription is required to use the Telegram notification feature.

Getting started

  1. Install the Telegram app on your device
  2. Add the Awesome Miner Cloud Services bot: @CloudServicesBot
  3. Pair your Telegram account with your Awesome Miner by sending:
    /login <e-mail> <registration code>
    For security reasons, you need to provide both your E-mail address and Registration code exactly as specified in the Options dialog of Awesome Miner, Registration section. In this dialog, you need to click the View/Modify button to be able to view your current Registration code.

Available commands

Login to associate your Telegram account with Awesome Miner.

/login <e-mail> <registration code>

Logout to remove the association between your Telegram account and Awesome Miner. No more Telegram notifications will be received.


Status will indicate if the Telegram account is associated with Awesome Miner