This article describes how to configure the Awesome Miner Antminer S19, S21, T19, T21 and L7.

For information about how to install the firmware, please see the article Awesome Miner Antminer S19/S21 firmware - Installation.

Steps after the installation

  • It's important to select a Mining Profile (target hash rate), otherwise there will not be any significant hashrate improvements.
  • The mining profile can either be set via Awesome Miner or the Antminer web interface.
    • Awesome Miner: Go to the toolbar: Tools -> ASIC Tools -> Firmware mining profile
    • Antminer web interface: Go to Mining -> Performance, to find the Preset settings.
  • After selecting a Mining Profile for the first time, the miner will restart itself a number of times over the next few hours. This is expected and part of the optimization process. 

Mining settings

The following settings can be performed in the Mining section of the Antminer web interface.

Cooling settings

  • Cooling mode
    • Manual
      The fan speed is configured manually using the Speed property.
    • Auto
      The fan speed will automatically be adjusted to keep the miner running at the configured Target temperature.
    • Immersion
      The fan check will be turned off as the fan will not be used for immersive cooling.

Performance settings

  • Power supply is modified
    Indicates if the power supply has been modified to deliver more power
  • Preset
    Specify the Mining Profile (target hash rate for the Antminer) to use from a list of predefined levels. The number of levels is specific for each Antminer model but for most Antminers it's between 10 and 20. Select Disable to manually set the frequency and voltage for the Antminer. For most users it's recommended to select a target hashrate from the list.

Advanced settings

  • Restart mining if hash rate is lower
    If the current hash rate of the miner is lower than the specified value (in percent) - the miner will be restarted. Leave field empty to disable the feature.
  • Max restart attempts
    Specifies the maximum number of times the Antminer will be restarted due to low hashrate.
  • Chips critical temperature
    In case the ASIC chip temperature reaches the configured level, the entire chain where this ASIC chip is located will be disabled.
  • Check balance of voltage domains
    Specifies if additional voltage checks should be performed
  • Quick start
    If enabled the miner will perform fewer checks at startup and start the mining process several times faster compared to if disabled.
  • Check integrity of chains
    Performs additional checks for each hash board on the Antminer
  • Adapt voltage to temperature
    If enabled the voltage will be adjusted depending on the current chip temperature. If the temperature is below 40 C the voltage will be increased to ensure the temperature also increases. The voltage can also be reduced a bit if the chip temperature is too high.
  • Startup voltage offset
    Use a bit higher voltage at startup to increase stability. Specifies the additional voltage to apply.
  • Tuner bad chip hash rate threshold
    Parameter to the auto tuner that is responsible for finding optimal chip frequency and voltage. Indicates how many poor performing chips that are accepted by the auto tuner.


  • Turn on HotelFee
    The Hotel Fee feature can be used to redirect a part of the hash rate to a different pool. This can be used in hosting environments where you charge for the hosting by taking a percentage of the miner hash rate.
  • Address and Worker
    The mining pool and worker name to be used for the hotel fee.
  • Percent fee
    The percentage of the hash rate to take as a fee. The fee can be configured from 0.1% to 50%.
  • DevFee - Choose your nearest region
    The Awesome Miner Antminer firmware takes a mining fee. By default the firmware will use the nearest location for the pool but this setting can override the location.