The purpose of the Awesome Miner Antminer S19 firmware is to improve the hashrate performance, increase the power efficiency and provide more features.

Beta version now available

The first release of the Awesome Miner Antminer S19 firmware is now available. 

Beta version limitations

  • The auto tuning feature is not yet included. This will result in a bit higher power usage compared to when the feature is made available. The auto tuning feature is planned to be included in an updated release in March.
  • For Antminer S19J (not S19j Pro) there is only a single Mining Profile available

Getting started

  1. Download the SD-card image via the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware download page. Please note that the SD-card images for S19 are ZIP-files.
  2. If you have an Antminer S19j or S19j Pro: Please identify if you have a control board from Xilinx or BeageBone. See the next section for details of how to identify. The firmware for BeageBone has "bb" in the firmware file name.
  3. Extract the ZIP-file to a temporary folder. The ZIP-file contains a single IMG-file.
  4. Download and install the tool BalenaEtcher
  5. Use BalenaEtcher to write the IMG-file to an SD-card
    1. Click Flash from file and select the IMG-file extracted in step #3 above
    2. Click Select target and select the SD-card
    3. Click Flash and wait for the operation to finalize
  6. Put the SD-card in the Antminer and start the Antminer. Keep the SD-card in the Antminer all the time as the firmware is running directly from the SD-card, it isn't being installed to the Antminer.
  7. Open the web interface of the Antminer. Click the Unlock button in the upper right corner and enter the password (default: "root" or "admin" depending on version) to proceed with the configuration
  8. Go to the Mining section and select the Overclocking tab and use the Preset setting to define the hashrate level to use. The auto tuning feature is not yet included. This will result in a bit higher power usage compared to what is listed.

S19j: Identify control board type - Xilinx or BeagleBone

The firmware for Antminer S19j and S19j Pro is different depending on the control board type. Antminer S19j and S19j Pro can either have a Xilinx or a BeagleBone (BB) control board. It's important to identify the control board type in order to download the correct firmware type. Antminer S19 (without J) is always using Xilinx.


The Xilinx control board has the SD-card reader is located next to the Ethernet port, exposed to the outside of the Antminer.


The BeagleBone control board has the SD-card reader located on the inside and requires the Antminer to be opened before it can be accessed.

Firmware editions

  • S19
  • S19 Pro
  • S19 Pro A
  • S19 (88)
  • S19a
  • S19a Pro
  • S19i
  • S19+
  • S19j Xilinx
  • S19j BeagleBone (uses "bb" in the firmware file name)
  • S19j Pro Xilinx
  • S19j Pro BeagleBone (uses "bb" in the firmware file name)
  • S19j Pro A BeagleBone (uses "bb" in the firmware file name)
  • T19

Awesome Miner management application included - for free

The Awesome Miner application can be used to manage and monitor Antminers and other ASIC miners. When running Antminers with the Awesome Miner firmware, you can manage and monitor these Antminers using Awesome Miner at no additional cost. To get started with Awesome Miner, follow the steps below. If you already use Awesome Miner with a subscription, jump to step #3.

  1. Download Awesome Miner via our web site:
  2. Sign up for an Antminer Firmware license. It's free, you only need to enter your e-mail address to get the license. You can manage any number of Antminers running our firmware with this license.
  3. Add the Antminers to the Awesome Miner application:

Frequently asked questions

How is the firmware installed to the Antminer?

In contrast to our other Antminer firmware, the Antminer S19 firmware will not be installed (flashed) on the Antminer, as Bitmain prevents any custom firmware from being installed. It isn't possible to install (flash) via a micro SD card either. Instead, our Antminer firmware runs directly from the micro SD card. When the Antminer is starting, it will load our firmware from the micro SD-card.

Do I need a large number of Micro SD cards?

Yes, one per Antminer you have. As the Antminer will boot and load the firmware from the SD card, the card must be inserted in the Antminer all the time while running. For this reason each Antminer will use one SD card. If you have 50 Antminers where you want to run the Awesome Miner Antminer S19 firmware, you need a total of 50 Micro SD cards.

How do I uninstall the firmware?

As the firmware is never installed on the Antminer, you simply remove the SD card. When you start the Antminer without the SD card it will simply load the default Bitmain firmware that is already installed on the Antminer.

What kind of Micro SD can be used?

Antminers can be sensitive about the Micro SD card being used, where cards with larger memory (16 GB or above) may not work in all cases. Bitmain typically recommends 8 GB Micro SD cards or smaller. If you run a larger number of Antminers, please make sure you verify the specific type of SD card is working before ordering any larger quantities.

How to upgrade to a more recent firmware version?

Our Antminer S19 firmware must be copied to the SD card the first time. When upgrading to a more recent version of our firmware later on, the upgrade can be made via the Antminer web interface or via Awesome Miner.

Is immersion cooling be supported?


What is the mining fee?

The mining fee is 2.8%. All Antminers running our firmware can be managed and monitored via Awesome Miner at no additional cost.

How much power can the Antminer S19 PSU deliver?

The standard PSU can always handle 3600W and with good cooling conditions 4000W. With even better cooling conditions using immersion cooling, close to 5000W.