Awesome Miner stores the miner unique pool worker name (the part "w001" in "myaccount.w001") for each External Miner. When Awesome Miner is used to change the pool on an ASIC miner, the worker name will be based on the pool account/wallet configured on the pool object (example: myworker) and what is configured for each External Miner (example: w001). The actual worker name will be myworker.w001 in this case.

The configuration setting for the External Miner is called Add to worker name and can be configured individually for each miner. The setting can also be configured via the bulk-edit (right click on multiple miners or a group of miners and select Bulk Edit).

Learn more about worker names and variables in the guide Pool worker names.

Automatically populate the External Miner worker names

In case of a larger number of ASIC miners already having their worker names assigned on the ASIC miner itself, it can be useful to let Awesome Miner populate each External Miner object with the worker name already assigned to the miner.


1) Download the attachment "PopulateWorkerFromMiner.awesome", found at the bottom of this article. This file contains a rule that can read the current worker name from the miner and populate it

2) After downloading, open the file and Awesome Miner will show an Import dialog

3) Proceed with the import.

4) After importing the rule, a new menu item will show up in the Actions menu: Populate worker from miner

5) Select one or many miners and run the rule via the Actions menu

What the rule Populate worker from miner do:

  • For all selected miners currently mining, it will extract the miner specific worker name of the first pool
  • Example: If the first pool on the miner has the full worker name myaccount.w001, Awesome Miner will store w001 for this specific External Miner, in the field Add to worker name. To review the result of rule, open the Properties for the miner and confirm the value of Add to worker name.
  • Note: The operation can only populate the worker names for miners that are currently mining and is showing up with mining details in the Miners tab of Awesome Miner