Awesome Miner doesn't contain any virus, spyware or adware. The software has been on the market since 2014 and has a very good reputation.

All Awesome Miner executables are digitally signed with a certificate and passes the Microsoft SmartScreen filters thanks to the good reputation.

Every new Awesome Miner release is scanned with anti-virus software both locally and via online scanning tools using more than 60 popular anti-virus engines. Awesome Miner has never contained any virus but this process is still used for every single software version to ensure the software quality and reputation.

As with any Windows based application, anti-virus software can sometimes give false warnings. The general recommendation is to report this to the anti-virus vendor to have them correct it in their next virus definition update.

For some of the larger anti-virus vendors, for example AVG and Avast, they have already made deep investigations of Awesome Miner and whitelisted the software as safe.

In general, anti-virus software is very sensitive to software related to mining. The reason is that malware is often running mining software in the background to make money for the malware author. This is the reason why the mining software automatically downloaded by Awesome Miner should be excluded from the virus scanning. See the guide for Configure Exclusions in Windows Defender for more detail.

Some anti-virus software also puts a warning flag on all software that are related to mining - in some cases even Awesome Miner although Awesome Miner itself isn't doing any mining. This warning flag isn't stating that the software is a threat but simply inform that it's related to mining. The warning flag might indicate this with texts like "CoinMiner", "Cryptocoin miner" or "Bitcoin miner". If you are running mining operations and mining software, these texts are an accurate description of the purpose of the software you are running and can safely be ignored. However, if you downloaded a game or word processor and it's being flagged as software related to mining - you should take the warning more seriously.