Awesome Miner can download mining software (Claymore miner, CpuMiner, ...) automatically and run them. Some of the mining software being downloaded can be flagged as threats according to security and anti-virus software, as they sometimes are used by malicious software.

Awesome Miner itself doesn't contain any code for doing the actual mining and will never be considered a threat. However, the automatic download for mining software may be blocked by the security software. This guide describes how to configure Windows Defender to exclude specific folders from scanning. The same concept can be used on other security software as well. Please refer to the security software vendor for any questions about the configuration, as it's not related to Awesome Miner.

  1. Open the Windows Defender configuration, for example by searching for "Defender" in the start menu.
  2. Go to the page for Virus & threat protecton and click on the link for Virus & threat protecton settings
  3. Scroll down to Exclusions and click on the link Add or remove exclusions
  4. On the page for Exclusions, click on Add an exclusion and select Folder. This will open the dialog for selecting a folder.
  5. When mining on the computer running Awesome Miner, type %localappdata%\AwesomeMiner as path. When mining on the computer running Remote Agent, type %appdata%\AwesomeMinerService as path. Click Select folder. This will add the folder where Awesome Miner is downloading mining software to the list of excluded folder that will be ignored by Windows Defender.