This guide describes the concepts of profit switching for ASIC mining, using a External Profit Switching concept in Awesome Miner. For a general introduction to the profit switching feature, see the guide Profit switching introduction.

External Profit Switching operates in the following way

  • Operates by changing priorities of existing pools of an already running External Miner
  • Intended to be used for ASIC miners
  • Works with many kinds of mining software, but will not change the mining software being used
  • Automatically switch between multiple online services like NiceHash and defined single coin pools
  • For External Profit Switching, Awesome Miner will not add or change any pools on the miner. All pools must be manually defined and added to the miner, but these operations can be performed via Awesome Miner. The profit switcher will only look at the pools already defined on the miner and change the priority of them. The priority is set based on profitability. The profitability of the pool must be known to Awesome Miner, either by using one of the supported multi-pools or by using a coin listed on the Coins tab.
  • Defining multiple profit switching profiles are typically not required for External Miners, as these are often ASIC's like Antminers where only a single algorithm is supported. In most cases the Default profile can be used. The profiles are mainly intended for GPU mining.
  • The profit switching feature is enabled in the Properties of an External Miner, either by right clicking on a single miner and selecting Properties, or via the Options dialog, External Miners section. In the properties of an External Miner, the profit switching feature is enabled by checking Enable with profile.

Antminer specific information

In order for the profit switcher to work, Antminers must be running with Privileged API access.

By default, Antminers are configured with Restricted API access, which only makes it possible to monitor the mining statistics, but not performing operations like changing or prioritizing pools. Awesome Miner can help with configuring your Antminers to run with Privileged API access instead. For information on how to configure the API access, see the guide Getting started with ASIC mining.