This article describes how to get started with GPU mining using Awesome Miner.


  • A Windows computer where the Awesome Miner software can be installed.
    • The GPU mining computers can however run on either Windows or Linux
  • One or more GPUs from either nVidia or AMD. CPU mining is also supported but will in most cases only generate a small income.
  • To get access to all features and to manage more than two GPU mining computers, you need an active subscription for Awesome Miner.

1) Install Awesome Miner

Download and install Awesome Miner on a Windows computer. The Awesome Miner Installer can be downloaded via the Awesome Miner web site.

2) Optional: Enter license details

Awesome Miner can be used for up to two miners without a license. In case you have a license for Awesome Miner, please enter the license details in the Awesome Miner Options dialog, Registration section.

To get a license, please sign up for an Awesome Miner subscription.

3) Optional: Install Remote Agent on additional mining computers

To run mining on multiple computers, download and install the Awesome Miner Remote Agent application on all computers that will be used for mining. Remote Agent should however not be installed on the computer where the Awesome Miner main application is installed. Make sure the Remote Agent is running on all the computers before proceeding to the next step.

4) Setup mining

When adding a new miner there are two options and as part of the setup it's possible to specify on which computer the mining will be running:

Please also see the guide Setup Windows environment for mining for suggestions how to prepare a Windows computer for mining.