Remote Agent is only required when using the Managed Miner concept to connect to remote mining computers. It's for CPU and GPU mining only, not for ASIC mining*. When Remote Agent is used, it must be installed on the remote Windows computers that will perform the mining.

*Remote Agent can act as a Remote Proxy when setting up large scale ASIC mining operations.

Remote Agent is a package to enable the Managed Miner concept on a remote computer. Remote Agent itself provides very few configuration parameters and almost no user interface. The Awesome Miner main application is always used to setup miners, pools and all other configuration. Remote Agent should not be installed on the computer where the Awesome Miner main application is installed.

In Awesome Miner a Managed Miner can be defined to either run locally on the same computer as the Awesome Miner application, or run on a remote computer that runs Remote Agent. The configuration in Awesome Miner is almost identical for these two cases, you only have to point to the hostname or IP address of the Remote Agent instead of using the local computer.

Remote Agent on Linux

This guide is focused on Remote Agent for Windows. For Linux, see the guide about Remote Agent for Linux.


The Remote Agent application can be downloaded from the Awesome Miner download page. The Remote Agent installer will install these components:

  • Awesome Miner Remote Agent: A Windows application that runs in the notification area (system tray). This application will listen from connections from Awesome Miner and provides Managed Miner functionality.
  • Awesome Miner Remote Service: A Windows service that doesn't have any user interface. This service will listen from connections from Awesome Miner and provides Managed Miner functionality.
  • Awesome Miner Remote Service Configuration: A Windows application for configuring both Remote Agent (Windows application) and the Remote Service (Windows service).

Important: Please note that either Remote Agent or Remote Service should be running on the remote computer, not both. Both alternatives have their benefits and drawbacks, but in almost all cases Remote Agent is recommended.

Remote Service Configuration

The Remote Service Configuration tool is used to configure both the Remote Agent and Remote Service. In order to use the Remote Service, it must be installed as a Windows service using the buttons provided by the user interface. If only the Remote Agent application will be used, the Remote Service should not be installed as both cannot run at the same time.

The port setting and log level setting applies to both Remote Agent and Remote Service.

The Remote Service Configuration tool is found in the folder where Remote Agent is installed, typically:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Awesome Miner Remote Service\AwesomeMiner.RemoteServiceConfig.exe

Remote Agent (recommended)

The Awesome Miner Remote Agent application runs in notification area as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Benefits: Easy to start, exit and see if running.
Drawbacks: Automatically started when the user sign in to Windows, but will not start before that. If automatic sign in is used in Windows, this is not a problem. To configure automatic sign in, please see Setup Windows environment for mining.

Remote Service

The Awesome Miner Remote Service must be installed as a Windows Service by the Remote Agent Configuration tool. The general recommendation is to use the Remote Agent instad of Remote Service, but there can be instances where the Remote Service is preferable.

Benefits: Can start automatically when Windows is started, without the need for a user to sign in.
Drawbacks: As the process runs without user interface access, there are limitations on the device information that can be accessed from the mining process. Some devices may not show all device information like temperatures and core clock.