Managed Miners can be added and modified using the Properties dialog. To add or modify a miner, go to the Options dialog, Managed Miners section. To modify a miner from the main list of miners, right click on the miner and select Properties.

Miner Properties

  • Description: Give the miner a description (optional)
  • Host: Specify where the miner should be running. Select Local to run on the local computer where Awesome Miner is running. If the host hasn't been added already, click the New button to add it.
  • Autostart miner: If selected, the miner will automatically start when Awesome Miner (or Awesome Miner Remote Service) is started.
  • Algorithm: Specify the algorithm to use for mining (optional)
  • Software / Path: Specify the mining software to be used. Based on algorithm, some mining software will be listed in gray to indicate that they do not support the selected algorithm. By default Awesome Miner will automatically download the mining software, but when required, it's also possible to manually download and then specify the path to the software.
  • Pool: Mining pool to use. 
  • Add to worker name: When enabled, the specified name will be added after the worker name specified by the pool. Example: If the pool specifies the worker name "MyWorker", and the value "2" is specified here, the effective worker name when this miner uses the pool will be "MyWorker.2".
  • Profit profile for display: Profit switching isn't used for Managed Miners, but the profit of the mining can still be displayed based on power usage and power cost defined in the profiles.
  • GPU selection: By default all GPU's are used for the mining. Most mining software support a selection of GPU's or a single GPU to be used for the mining.

The example below show the configuration of an Ravencoin miner.


The Environment page defines the environment variables to define when starting the mining. The defined variables are only needed for GPU mining, and are ignored for other types of mining.

Command Line

The Command Line page defines additional command line parameters to be added when executing the miner process.

The section Batch commands can be used to run batch-file commands before the actual mining software is started and stopped. One command per line.

GPU clocking profiles

The GPU clocking profile specified can be automatically applied when the mining software is started and/or stopped. The profiles are defined in the Options dialog, GPU Clocking section. For more information, see: GPU overclocking.