When connecting to external miners (typical ASIC miners), up to 200,000 miners are supported. Awesome Miner is able to process updates from up to 2000 miners per minute and display mining statistics in the user interface. Please note that when using a large number of miners, the PC running Awesome Miner should have a powerful CPU to be able to process the large amount of data. Using the Remote Proxy feature can speedup the processing time when deploying large number of miners.

When using more than 200 miners, it's recommended to enable the Performance Mode setting in the Options dialog, Advanced section. This will disable the real-time graphs on the dashboard to ensure smooth update to the user interface. Performance can instead be analyzed on demand by using the Performance history feature.

It's also highly recommended to change the Miner view to Compact list, to be able to see more miners at the same time and to increase the performance further. The Miner view can be changed in the Appearance toolbar.

Miners per group

The Awesome Miner user interface is significantly faster if multiple miner groups are used to organize the miners. The recommendation is to keep the number of miners per group to no more than 1000 miners and let as many groups as possible be collapsed and only expand when accessing a miner in the specific group.