The list of miners in Awesome Miner can be organized using the group concept to make it easier to find miners. By default a single group My Miners is defined, but any number of groups can be added.

The illustration belows shows two groups with two miners in each group.

To add, edit or remove a group, right click on one of the groups and select one of the commands in the Groups menu.

By default all new miners are added to the predefined group My Miners. This can be changed by right clicking on another group and selecting Groups -> Make default group.

There are two ways of moving miners from one group to another:

  • Use drag & drop to move all selected miners to another group
  • Right click and select Move to group to move all selected miners to the specified group

A Miner Group can have one or several sub groups. A sub group only contain miners, not groups. There can only be top level groups and sub groups, not more level of groups. A miner can only belong to one single group (either a top level gorup or a sub group).

Where groups can be used

  • When defining rules (Options dialog, Rules section) for miners, the rules can be configured to only be applicable to the miners in a specific group
  • When performing operations on many miners, for example reboot or pool change, the group can be selected and the operation will be performed on all miners in the selected group. Multiple groups can be selected at the same time by holding down the Control key.
  • When multiple user accounts are defined and each user is given access to a limited set of miners, this can be specified as a list of miners and miner groups

Virtual Miner Groups

Miner Groups represents a tree structure in the Miners list where a specific miner can only belong to one specific group. The concept of Virtaul Miner Groups are not visible in the Miners list, but can be used in all other parts of the application like any Miner Group.

A Virtual Miner Group can contain multiple miners and multiple Miner Groups. A miner and Miner Group can belong to multiple Virtual Miner Groups.

A Virtual Miner Group can be added, modified and removed via the Groups tab. To view the miners of only a specific Virtual Miner Group, double click on the group in the Groups tab. This will open the Miners tab and filter on the selected Virtaul Miner Group.