External Miners can be added and modified using the Properties dialog. To add or modify a miner, go to the Options dialog, External Miners section. To modify a miner from the main list of miners, right click on the miner and select Properties.

Miner Properties

The example below illustrates an Antminer for Bitcoin mining.

  • Description: Give the miner a description (optional)
  • Remote host: The IP address or hostname of the computer where the miner is running. In this case the IP address of the Antminer ASIC. The default port for Cgminer is 4028. If the port isn't default, it must be specified explicitly e.g. MINERHOST:4044.
  • Status update interval: Defines how often to call the miner API to get the latest statistics.
  • Enabled: If set, Awesome Miner will request status updates from the miner.
  • Algorithm: Define algorithm for this miner. This setting is used to restrict the selection of pools that be added to the miner.
  • Software: Select the mining software running on the remote miner. Most ASIC's, including Antminer, uses Cgminer compatible mining software.
  • Add to worker name: When enabled, the specified name will be added after the worker name specified by the pool. Example: If the pool specifies the worker name "MyWorker", and the value "2" is specified here, the effective worker name when this miner uses the pool will be "MyWorker.2".
  • Enable with profile: Profit switching profile to use. Read more in the guide Profit switching for ASIC mining.

Remote Proxy

Remote Proxy is a feature only intended for large scale mining operations. See the page about the Remote Proxy for details.


Define SSH port for SSH connections used for rebooting and setting default pools on ASIC miners. The default port is 22, but in case of port forwarding to access remote miners, the port can be changed.