Remote Agent for Linux is based on the same concept as the Remote Agent application for Windows. It should be installed on each mining computer and is controlled by the Awesome Miner main application.

Remote Agent for Linux is an application that requires an existing Linux operating system to be used. For GPU mining, relevant GPU drivers must be installed. It's currently not a complete Linux based mining operating system. Remote Agent for Linux can however be installed on many of the existing Linux based mining operating systems or any other Ubuntu-based Linux distribution.

Mining software

Follow this link for a complete list of mining software supported on Linux

Mining software dependencies:

  • CryptoDredge Miner: Requires package libc-ares2
  • CpuMiner-Opt: Requires package: libcurl3
  • WildRig: Requires package: ocl-icd-opencl-dev
  • TeamBlackMiner: Requires package: libapr1


  • Linux 64-bit distribution (e.g. Ubuntu). Only Intel and AMD x64 platforms are supported.
  • For GPU mining, GPU drivers must be installed
  • Required packages: bash, screen

Installation and getting started

All commands related to running the Remote Agent service requires root permissions to run, for example by putting sudo in front of the command.

1) Download and extract Awesome Miner Remote Agent for Linux

tar xvJf awesomeminer-remoteagent.tar.xz
cd awesomeminer-remoteagent

2) Remote Agent for Linux should be installed as a system service, where it will be started automatically on boot. To install Remote Agent as a system service, run the following command:

sudo ./

3) Use Awesome Miner on Windows to connect to this Remote Agent instance. The Managed Host must configured for Linux support. Via the Options dialog, Managed Host section, a new host can be added where the option Remote Agent for Linux must be checked. Once the host is added, a Managed Miner or Managed Profit Miner can be created and be configured to use this host.

Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 22.04 currently requires the following commands to be executed before starting Remote Agent.

sudo dpkg -i libssl1.1_1.1.0g-2ubuntu4_amd64.deb

Available commands

Install Remote Agent for Linux, including automatic start on boot:

sudo ./

Uninstall Remote Agent:

sudo ./

Start Remote Agent:

sudo ./

Stop Remote Agent, including all mining started by Remote Agent:

sudo ./

View Remote Agent log output:


Connect Remote Agent to Awesome Miner via cloud

sudo ./

Remove the connection for Remote Agent to Awesome Miner via cloud

sudo ./

Change password of Remote Agent (also required to be entered for the Managed Host in Awesome Miner). Not applicable when using a Cloud connected setup.

sudo ./AwesomeMiner.RemoteAgent.Linux /setpassword=mypass


Log files are stored in /var/log/awesome/

Mining software are downloaded to: ~/.config/AwesomeMinerService/