In case information like hashrate, temperature or accepted shared are incorrect or missing, it's often because the mining software being used (Claymore miner, Ccminer, ...) doesn't report this information correctly. Awesome Miner simply display what is being reported via the monitoring interfaces (API) of the mining software.

To verify what information Awesome Miner receive from the mining software, select the miner and go to the toolbar: Tools -> API Report. The report will show a file output where the first section in this file includes the response from the mining software, and this information can be used to isolate the problem.

It's also important to understand that some information in the user interface isn't available on all mining software. Some mining software can provide progress information like Accepted and Rejected shares per GPU, while other mining software don't which leaves these values at 0 in Awesome Miner. The same applies for GPU clocking information, where not all mining software will provide this information.

Awesome Miner can use its internal methods to get GPU clocking information and display this no matter if the mining software supports in or not. See Display additional GPU information. Also note that the order of the GPU's may have to be changed in the GPU mapping dialog, as all mining software have their own way to order the GPU's.