The GPU tab in Awesome Miner can display information about all the GPU's involved in the mining operation. The information comes by default from the mining software (e.g. Sgminer, Claymore's Ethereum Dual miner, ...) and the amount of information available is different depending on which mining software being used.

When using the Managed Miner concept, Awesome Miner can also read GPU information directly from the remote systems, and this information is often more complete than what the mining software can provide. This guide will describe how to bring in this additional GPU information on the GPU tab, using the feature Map to system monitoring. Please note that this feature does not require MSI Afterburner.

The illustration below is the typical output of mining software, where some information is missing for GPU clock, memory and load.

To use the additional GPU information, click the button Map to system monitoring. The dialog below will be opened where the feature can be enabled via "Display system monitoring data in the GPU tab".

The order of the GPU's may have to be rearranged using the up/down buttons. Different mining software will report the GPU order differently, and sometimes not all GPU's in the system are used by the miner.

The final result is that more GPU information can be displayed, including the vendor of the GPU and current power usage.