A number of nVidia 3000-series GPUs includes a limitation to reduce the Ethereum hashrate. This limitation is referred to as LHR.

Recent GPU mining software can detect and unlock the full hashrate of these LHR GPUs and give a significantly higher Ethereum hashrate.

In order for the unlock to work, the following is required:

  • nVidia driver version 512.15 - 512.77 must be installed. More recent versions (for example 516.xx) doesn't work.
  • Mining software with the unlock feature. Examples:
    • Gminer 2.92 or later
    • NbMiner 31.3 or later
    • T-Rex 0.26.1 or later
    • To get the latest mining software versions in Awesome Miner, click on the blue Menu button and then Update mining software definitions.
  • The mining software must run with Administrator privileges.
    • To enable in Awesome Miner, right click on the Managed Miner and select Properties. Go to the Environment tab and check the box for Run mining process with Administrator privileges.