T-Rex miner provides a dual mining concept intended to be used for LHR (Low Hashrate) nVidia GPUs to mine both Ethereum and a second coin at the same time. For more details about the feature, please see the T-Rex wiki page.

To setup dual mining in Awesome Miner

  1. Make sure you have at least one Ethereum pool and one pool for another supported coin, for example Ravencoin (RVN), defined in Awesome Miner. See the T-Rex wiki page for a list of supported coins for dual mining.
  2. Go to the Options dialog, Pools section, Pool Groups tab
  3. Add a new Pool Group. Give it a name and select one Ethereum pool and one pool for the second coin, for example RVN.
  4. Save the Pool Group.
  5. Open the Properties for a Managed Miner and set the Dual mode to "Ethereum + Kawpow" in case of RVN mining.
  6. Set the Pool property to point to the pool group added in step #2.
  7. Save the changes and start the miner.

Dual mining for Managed Profit Miner

The profit switcher will automatically enable dual mining if more profitable according to the hashrate and power usage defined for an algorithm in the Profit Profile of a miner. Right click on a miner and select Edit Profit Profile to review the settings.

The "Dual mining hashrate" and "Dual mining power" fields are used to indicate the algorithm performance during dual mining condition. If filled in for Ethereum and for example Kawpow (RVN), the profit switcher will consider the combination of Ethereum+RVN.

To see the profit switching decisions, please select a miner and click on the "Profit switching" tab.