This article describes how to get started with CPU mining in Awesome Miner.


  • Awesome Miner must be installed
  • Optional: Awesome Miner Remote Agent must be installed on any additional computers where you want to run the mining
  • You need a Monero wallet as you need to provide an Monero wallet address as part of the setup

1) In the Awesome Miner toolbar, select New pool -> Add predefined pool.

2) Awesome Miner includes a number of predefined pools. In this example we will use with Monero (XMR).

a) Check the box for Monero

b) Select Add a single selected pool and setup a Managed Miner

3) Fill in your Monero Wallet address in the field below

4) Select the mining software to use. In this example we will use XMRig CPU Miner

5) The setup is now complete and the miner can be started