MicroBT Whatsminer can always be monitored by Awesome Miner. In order to perform operations like reboot and pool changes, please follow the steps below to configure the Whatsminer. 

Initial configuration

  1. WhatsminerTool must be used to make the initial configuration on the Whatsminer ASIC
    1. WhatsminerTool 5.3.5 or later is required
    2. Download from: https://www.microbt.com/server/firmware.html 
  2. The firmware must be from August 1st 2020 or later.
    1. This firmware includes support for API operations.
    2. The firmware is available for Whatsminer M20-series (M2X) and M30-series (M3X)
    3. Download from: https://www.microbt.com/server/firmware.html
    4. Use the WhatsminerTool to install the firmware if needed
  3. The default admin password must be changed.
    1. The API operations will not work with the default password
    2. Use WhatsminerTool to change the password from the default "admin" to a more secure password
    3. Select all miners in the list and use the Password button to make the change
  4. Enable API operations
    1. Use WhatsminerTool to enable API operations on the miners
    2. Select all miners in the list and use the Remote Ctrl button, select Miner API Switch, select Enable.

Awesome Miner configuration

Each External Miner must be configured with ASIC hardware type set to Whatsminer. This can either be configured on a single miner via the External Miner Properties or on a large number of miners by selecting multiple miners, right click, and Bulk Edit.

The credentials for the Whatsminer API must be configured in the External Miner Properties, Advanced section. These properties can also be configured via Bulk Edit.

Web/API username: admin

Web/API password: Enter the admin password (as configured in step #3 above).