After installing the firmware, the recommendation is to select a Mining Profile to indicate the target hashrate. 

The mining profile can either be set via Awesome Miner or the Antminer web interface:

Awesome Miner: Go to the toolbar: Tools -> ASIC Tools -> Set mining profile

Antminer web interface: Go to Miner Configuration -> Mining profiles

The firmware will automatically tune each ASIC chip of the Antminer to optimize the performance and power usage. As part of this process, it's expected to experience a few restarts of the Antminer a little while after selecting a Mining Profile. The restarts are not a sign of instability - it's an expected part of the ASIC chip tuning process.

If the Antminer is restarting even after two hours, please go to the Antminer web interface and select the DevFee tab. It's generally recommended to select Auto as region, but selecting another region may resolve issues related to restarts.