Coin information

Awesome Miner automatically includes all coins listed on the selected coin statistics provider web site.

For example, if WhatToMine is selected, all coins on the main page are included by default.

Coin calculations

Awesome Miner requests coin details like Algorithm, Block Reward, Difficulty, Exchange Rate and Exchange Volume from the coin statistics providers.

Awesome Miner is calculating the Revenue and Profit based these coin details together with the hashrate information in Awesome Miner.

The coin statistics providers are for this reason not responsible for the estimated Revenue and Profit numbers.

Missing coins?

Popular coins are typically added by the coin statistics providers once they are listed on an exchange.

Once a coin is listed on their web site it will automatically be available in Awesome Miner.

For this reason there is no point in sending coin suggestions to the Awesome Miner support because it's not Awesome Miner that adds the coins.

Incorrect calculations?

Awesome Miner can either use the current coin details or the 24 hour average values. This is configurable in the Options dialog, Statistics Settings section.

When comparing the numbers in Awesome Miner with what is being displayed on and similar web sites,

please make sure that you don't compare the current values with 24 hour average values as they are not always the same.