The Antminer S9 Dual concept is a way to run two Antminers with a single control board and a single PSU to get highest possible power efficiency. Hardware modifications are required in order to run Antminer S9 in Dual mode.

With the S9 Dual concept, two Antminers can run at a total of 20+TH/s at just above 1500W power usage.

The S9 Dual concept is intended for these two scenarios:

  • You want the highest possible power efficiency by running at a lower hashrate per miner
  • If you have a defect control board - you could build a S9 Dual with only a single working control board

Please note that in many cases it's good enough to run your Antminers mining at 10TH/s (with the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware) to get almost as good power efficiency. In case you find the hardware modifications to be too complicated, it's also recommended to simply use the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware on each Antminer.

Hardware upgrade

  • Use the control board of only one of the two Antminers
  • The control board will connect to both its own 3 hash boards and to the 3 hash boards of the second Antminer
  • A single PSU can be used to power the control board and all 6 hash boards
  • The control board needs to be modified according to the instructions on the next pages – soldering is required.
  • The front fans of the two Antminers should be removed and only the two back fans should be connected to the control board
  • Install the custom Antminer S9 dual firmware on the Antminer is order to use all hash boards. The firmware should be installed on the Antminer before making the hardware modifications.
  • Download the Antminer S9 Dual firmware from the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware page.

Required components

1) Resistors 4.7 OHM 0402, 3 pieces per channel. 9 pieces per control board. (RC0402JR-074K7L)

2) 3 18PIN connectors per control board

Hardware modifications

Hardware setup #1 - Install the resistors (RC0402JR074K7L), 3 resistors per connector. A total of 9 resistors per control board.

Hardware setup #2 – Install the 3 18PIN connectors (1,2,3)