In order to monitor a miner like Bitmain Antminer, Awesome Miner is connecting to the Cgminer/Bmminer API running on the miner to request information. By default, Antminer has the API enabled, but the API is running in Restricted mode. In Restricted mode it's possible to view statistics and information about the mining, but no changes like pool operations or restart can be performed.

Up until late 2018, all Antminers had SSH access enabled making it possible to either manually configure the miners for Privileged API access or let Awesome Miner do the configuration, see the guide Configure privileged API access for Antminer.

Recent SSH restrictions

Recent Antminers like S15, S17, S17+, S19 and Z11 doesn't have SSH enabled. Bitmain has disabled the SSH access on this miners, making it impossible to configure them for Privileged API access. These miners will always run in Restricted API access mode.

The latest firmware releases for Antminer S9/L3 in April/May 2019 and later also introduces this SSH restriction. The recommendation is not to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Awesome Miner Antminer firmware solution

One solution for Antminer S9, T9+, L3+, S17, T17, S17+, T17+ is to install the Awesome Miner Antminer Firmware . The Awesome Miner Antminer Firmware can provide both SSH and Privileged API access.

Configure to use functionality provided by the Antminer web interface

Awesome Miner can be configured to use the functionality provided by the web interface for Antminers to allow the operations to configure Default Pools and to perform a Reboot. These features can be access via the toolbar Tools -> ASIC Tools and are available even when the SSH access is disabled on an Antminer.

An External Miner in Awesome Miner can also be configured to use the Antminer web interface instead of SSH for the standard Reboot operation (the reboot button in the Main toolbar). Right click on a miner and select Properties. Enable Perform reboot and pool operations via the web interface instead of SSH. If needed, also configure the credentials for accessing the web interface. These are the same as you use to manually login to the Antminer web interface with a web browser.

Example of configuration

Configuration of a single External Miner (right click on an External Miner, select Properties)

Configuration of multiple External Miners at once (right click on multiple External Miners, select Bulk Edit)

Reboot via rules

When an External Miner is configured with Perform reboot operation via the web interface instead of SSH, it can be rebooted via the rules in Awesome Miner. Create an action of the type Miner Command and select the operation Reboot.