The one click setup concept is available for many mining pools.  This is an example of the process based on Nanopool.

  1. Navigate to the link specific to Nanopool:
  2. The second bullet has a link to activate Nanopool in Awesome Miner (see illustration below)
  3. Awesome Miner will be opened and ask for which coin specific pools to import. In this example we will only import the Ravencoin pool and setup a Managed Miner for this specific pool. It's also possible to import several coin specific pools at once and automatically include them in the Managed Profit Switcher.
  4. For Nanopool Ravencoin, Awesome Miner will prompt for the RVN wallet address.
  5. Done - you can now start mining Ravencoin on Nanopool. Awesome Miner has created a Managed Miner ready to be started.