Awesome Miner stores all configuration settings in the file ConfigData.xml located in the folder %appdata%\AwesomeMiner. If the Windows username is MyMining, the full path will be:


The configuration file contains all configuration made in Awesome Miner, including all miners, pools, rules and license information.

Awesome Miner is only reading ConfigData.xml when the application is starting but updates the file every time a configuration change is made and also when the application is closing.

If the feature Mining History is used Awesome Miner is saving all mining history data in the file awesome_data.db, located in the same folder as ConfigData.xml.

Backup configuration

Awesome Miner will automatically create backups of the configuration file 4 times per month. The backup files are located in the same folder as ConfigData.xml and have a name based on the date of the backup, for example ConfigData.Backup20181023.xml.

It's also recommended to manually take a backup of the configuration file on a regular basis and store in a safe location. In case the computer where Awesome Miner is crashing, having access to a backup file will make it possible to restore all configuration to another computer.

Restore configuration

As Awesome Miner is only reading the configuration file from disk when the application is starting and it's very important that Awesome Miner isn't running when the configuration is restored.

1) Make sure Awesome Miner isn't running. Use the Exit button via the Menu bar to make sure the application isn't running in the background.

2) Awesome Miner expects the configuration to be in the file ConfigData.xml, located in the folder %appdata%\AwesomeMiner.

Copy the backup configuration file (either from a previous backup or from another computer) to this folder and make sure the filename is ConfigData.xml

If you also have a backup of the Mining History data, copy the backup file awesome_data.db to this folder as well

3) When starting Awesome Miner again, it will load the restored configuration from ConfigData.xml

To copy the configuration from one computer to another, make sure that Awesome Miner isn't running and copy the file ConfigData.xml to the other computer. If Awesome Miner never been running on the other computer, the folder %appdata%\AwesomeMiner doesn't exist. The solution is either to create the folder manually or start and then exit Awesome Miner once to have the folder created automatically.

Move configuration to another computer

  1. Copy ConfigData.xml from the computer where Awesome Miner used to be running. 
  2. If the feature Mining History is used, copy the file awesome_data.db as well
  3. Follow the steps in the section above for Restore configuration on the computer where the configuration should be moved to.

Downgrade not supported

The Awesome Miner configuration file can only be loaded by the same version or newer versions of the software. Trying to load the configuration file one an older version may result in that the configuration file cannot be read and Awesome Miner will start up with a blank configuration. If Awesome Miner is already installed, the installer will prevent any attempts to downgrade by installing an older version.