Awesome Miner is connecting to the ASIC miners to request mining information on a regular interval. If the ASIC miner fails to respond within a few seconds, Awesome Miner will mark the miner as Disconnected in the user interface.

If the next connection attempt is successful, the miner will show up as Mining again.

If an ASIC miner is showing up as Disconnected frequently, it's an indication that it doesn't respond correctly. One reason can be that the miners are located on a remote network, where the request time is much longer than on a local network.

Recommended actions:

  • 1) In the Options dialog, Advanced section, increase the value of Miner API connection timeout. This will result in Awesome Miner waiting a longer time for the response from the ASIC miner
  • 2) If the network connection is unstable, Awesome Miner can be configured to retry any failed requests if the setting Enable retry is checked in the same configuration dialog
  • 3) Some ASIC miners can respond slowly or not at all when mining on certain pools. As this issue is on the ASIC miner itself it cannot be resolved from an Awesome Miner point of view. The recommendation is to change to another mining pool and see if the miner starts to respond correctly.