Awesome Miner can display the balance for a number of the most popular mining pools. The pools currently supported are Nicehash, Mining Pool Hub (requires API key) and all Yiimp-based pools like zpool, zergpool and more.

An example of the pool balance feature is displayed below, where the information can be access from the main window of Awesome Miner, via the Balance tab.


The Pool Balance feature is configured in the Options dialog, Balance section. By default, all pools that are used by the profit switcher that also supports pool balance will automatically be added to the Balance tab in the main window of Awesome Miner and doesn't have to be added manually. Mining Dutch doesn't support pool balance and Mining Pool Hub must be added manually.

For many pools, the pool balance is added by specifying the wallet address used for mining. One exception is Mining Pool Hub, where an API key is required. To get the API key, sign in to the Mining Pool Hub web site and click Edit Account. Copy the API key and paste in Awesome Miner as illustrated below.

MPOS compatible pools

Enter the URL of the MPOS pool that provides the API.

Example for Suprnova Dash:

An alternative is to enter the full URL to the API like:

MPOS pools are typically providing the API key via the Edit Account page on their web sites.

Nicehash accounts

Awesome Miner will automatically display the balance for Bitcoin wallet addresses used for Nicehash mining. When using a Nicehash account with a Bitcoin address provided by Nicehash the configuration below must be used in order to display the pool balance.

  1. Go to the Options dialog, Balance section, Pool balance tab
  2. Add a new entry and specify Nicehash as the pool as illustrated below

3) Your Nicehash Organization ID, API key and API secret can be found on your Nicehash account API page.

  1. The Organization ID is listed below the "API Keys" header.
  2. Click Create new API key
  3. Give the API key a name, for example: Awesome Miner
  4. Assign the permission: Wallet Permissions -> View balances, wallet activities and deposit addresses
  5. Click Generate API key to generate and get access to your API key and API secret.
  6. Fill in the Organization ID, API key and API secret in Awesome Miner