By default, Awesome Miner doesn't require the user to authenticate on startup or when accessing the Options dialog. The user of Awesome Miner will also be able to see all miners and perform all operations.

In scenarios where multiple users are required to access Awesome Miner or the web based interface, the security feature can be used to define access control and permissions for each group of users.


The security settings can be found in the Options dialog of Awesome Miner.

  • Enable authentication: If enabled, Awesome Miner will prompt the user to authenticate on startup of the application.
  • Password protect Options dialog: If enabled, Awesome Miner will prompt the user to authenticate every time the Options dialog is opened.

Multiple groups and users per group can be defined. Each user can only belong to one single group. All access control is configured for the groups. The configuration for the group is described below.

  • Privileges:
    • Administrator - Full access: Give access full access to all operations and the Options dialog.
    • Control and view: Give access to all mining operations.
    • View only: Only allow viewing the miners without having access to any operations.
  • Miner access:
    • All miners: All miners will be visible.
    • Specify miners: Only the selected set of miners will be visible.
  • Pool access:
    • All pools: All pools will be visible.
    • Specify pools: Only the selected set of pools will be visible.

Multiple users with Cloud Services

The feature for multiple user accounts can also be used for Cloud Services. See the Cloud Services information page for details about how many user accounts each Cloud Services subscription allows.

A user account can either be used for the built-in web interface or for Cloud Services. To make an account available for login via Cloud Services, select Cloud Services web and fill in the e-mail address of the user.

After filling in the e-mail address, click Copy to clipboard to get a link that can be sent to the user. Please note that all settings must be saved by clicking OK and closing the Options dialog before sending the link to the user. The link will point the user to the Register page of Cloud Services, and will allow the user to set a password for the Cloud Services account that will be created. The user specific account will be linked to your Cloud Services subscription, but the user will only be able to see the miners defined for the user group.