Awesome Miner includes predefined Online Services for several popular pools like Nicehash, Zpool, Mining Pool Hub and Hash Refinery. Several pools, including Zpool and Hash Refinery, as based on the same pool software called Yiimp. These pools are similar and Awesome Miner has a feature to include any Yiimp compatible pool.

The configuration can be found in the Options dialog, Online Services section.

Import via API

Awesome Miner can use the API of a Yiimp compatible pool to add entries for all supported algorithms provided by the pool.

API URL: Refer to the pool web site for details about the API URL to use.

Pool URL:  Specify the format of the pool URL where the mining software can connect. Use the variables [algo] for algorithm and [port] for port. Note that the algorithm part is optional isn't always part of the URL.

Configure individual entries

Entries for specific algorithms can be added and modified as well.

The field for Profit factor could be required to modify for some pools and algorithms. If the profit is displayed with a value 1000 times larger than expected, please change the profit factor to 0.001 and if the profit is displayed with a value 1000 times smaller than expected, please change the profit factor to 1000. Awesome Miner doesn't know which unit (MH/s or GH/s) the custom pool is using for reporting profitability information.

The information below is an example of how to add Starpool X11.

  • Service: Custom
  • Algorithm: X11
  • Algorithm API identifier: x11
  • Pool name: Starpool
  • API URL:
  • Pool URL: stratum+tcp://
  • Bitcoin address: (Enter your Bitcoin address or other payout address in this field)

Once added, please go to the main window of Awesome Miner and change to the Online Services tab. In the Display services box at the bottom, please make sure that Custom (Yiimp compatible) pool is selected. Once selected, verify the profit value of the newly added pool.

Algorithm API identifier

The Algorithm API identifier must be set the the algorithm name as return by the API url. To see the name, please open the API URL in the web browser and identify the name based on this pattern:


For example:


Awesome Miner will not be able to display any information unless the algorithm name can be found in the API result.

Please note that some mining pools like BSOD doesn't return the profit statistics based on the algorithm names in their API responses, just individual coins. These configurations are currently not supported.