Awesome Miner has built in support for all popular algorithms. This article describes how to add a new algorithm. The example is for the algorithm Tribus for the mining software CcMiner using the profit switching pool Zpool. The same concept can be used for other algorithms and mining software.

  1. Open the Options dialog and go to the Algorithms section. Click Add... enter the name of the algorithm. This example uses the algorithm Tribus.
  2. Go to the Managed Software section and select CcMiner. Click Edit...
  3. Find Tribus in the list and set it to Enabled and specify the command line argument as "tribus". This is to instruct CcMiner that the algorithm Tribus is supported and should be started with the "tribus" command line argument. Click OK to save.
  4. Go to the Online Services section of the Options dialog. Click the Add... button to add a user defined pool.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Service: Zpool
    • Algorithm: Tribus
    • URL base:
    • Algorithm URL part: tribus
    • Algorithm API identifier: tribus
    • Check: Include in Managed Profit Switching
  6. Click OK to save.
  7. The result is displayed in the screenshot below. Click OK to save.
  8. Open the Benchmark feature via the toolbar Tools -> Benchmark. Select the correct Profit profile and then select only the new Tribus algorithm and click Start