Awesome Miner allows configuration of mining software and the ability to define the capabilities of custom mining software. The configuration can be found in the Options dialog, Managed Software section.

Configure predefined software

Awesome Miner includes support for most popular mining software. Awesome Miner can use the software for Managed Miners and for profit switching using Managed Profit Miners.

Any Managed Miner and Profit Profile can be configured with a custom path to the mining software. This can be used to replace the version of mining software included in Awesome Miner with another version. Awesome Miner also provides a number of versions for each mining software, in case the latest version isn't preferred.

Add user defined Managed Software

In order to add multiple versions of the same mining software, or a completely custom mining software, one or more user defined Managed Miners must be added.

The user defined Managed Software can also be used by the profit switcher. This makes it possible to add new algorithms and new mining software supporting these algorithms, and modify the Profit Profile to include the user defined Managed Software.

The configuration of user defined Managed Software is illustrated below.

Compatibility Mode:

  • Full (Command line and API): The software is fully compatible with any of the predefined mining software in Awesome Miner. This is required to be used with the profit switcher.
  • API only: All command line arguments must be configured manually. Awesome Miner will only do API requests on the configured port for mining statistics. For the API to work, you must manually set the command line options for the mining software to listen on this port.
  • Command line only: No API or mining statistics will be available, but Awesome Miner can launch the mining software using the command line arguments as the selected mining software.
  • None: All command line arguments must be configured manually. No API or mining statistics will be available.

For each algorithm available (only algorithms enabled in Options dialog, Algorithms sections are visible), it can either be configured as Enabled, Disabled or Default. Enabled and disabled will either make the algorithm available or not available for this mining software. Default indicates that the mining software selected for Compatibility software will determine if the algorithm is available or not. The default value from the Compatibility software is listed in the second column "Default".

The last column "User defined command line arguments" can be used to modify and extend the command line arguments that is used to start the mining software. The first part of the value must be the mining algorithm specified as required by the Compatibility software, for example "x13" for the X13 algorithm. The value in this column can be used for two purposes:

  1. It can first of all be used to specify the name of the algorithm when not already supported by the Compatibility software. In the example below, the argument "tensority" is used to specify the command line for the algorithm Tensority.
  2. The second scenario is when algorithm specific command line arguments is required. This is illustrated below for the Tensority algorithm, where the algorithm itself is still specified as Tensority (no change), but additional command line arguments are added after that.