Awesome Miner includes support for several popular mining software. Awesome Miner can automatically download the software and monitor it using the API's provided. Awesome Miner also allows you to specify a custom path to the software, if you have downloaded a later or specialized version. This assumes that the custom version is similar and compatible with the original software.

To use custom software that isn't included in Awesome Miner, the concept of a Generic Miner can be used. When creating a Managed Miner, the software to use can be specified, and Generic Miner is one of the alternatives as indicated in the screenshot below.

When adding a Generic Miner, the path to the mining software needs to be specified as it cannot be automatically downloaded by Awesome Miner. When using several computers for mining, the feature to Upload custom mining software to remote miners can be used to make it easier to copy the software to all computers.

With a Generic Miner, Awesome Miner can start and stop the mining process, and also restart the process if crashed. When selecting a miner in the main window, the System tab can display information about the GPU's of the system, including clock speeds and temperatures.

The limitation is that hashrate, number of accepted shares, pools and coin information isn't available. This information requires the mining software to provide an API, and in most cases of Generic Miners, they don't. Awesome Miner is also not aware of the details of the mining software when using the Generic Miner concept.

Awesome Miner has no knowledge of which command line options to use for this custom mining software. Instead, this must be manually specified in the Command line section of the Managed Miner. You can use variables to construct the command line.

Command line variables

The command line parameters for a Generic Miner is configured in the Properties, Command Line section.














Example of a command line with variables:

-a c11 -o [PoolUrl] -u [Worker] -p [Password] --api-remote -b[ApiPort]