Awesome Miner can automatically perform a download of the most common mining software. This makes it possible to simply select that for example Sgminer should be used, and Awesome Miner can download and use this software without any manual operations.

In addition to above, Awesome Miner can also be configured to point to a location where the mining software is located. This is useful when the user want to use a custom or special version of the mining software. It's possible to browse the files for both local and remote miners. In this case, the user need to manually download the mining software to all computers, and then configure all Managed Miners to use this software.

When having a large amount of Managed Miners, it can be a time consuming task to download custom mining software to each computer. To make this process easier, Awesome Miner provides a feature to upload mining software to many remote miners at the same time and then update all Managed Miners to use the uploaded software


To upload custom mining software to remote computers, select one or many Managed Miners in the miner list. Select the Tools menu and click Upload custom software.

Use the Browse button to select which folder to upload to the remote computers. The entire folder with all files and subfolders will be uploaded. If a folder with the same name has been uploaded earlier, it will be replaced.

To initiate the upload operation, click the Upload button. It may take a while to transfer the software to all the computers, and the progress is being displayed in the list below.

Once the upload operation is completed, a message will be displayed. Do you want to set the mining software path for all selected miners?. Select Yes to configure all the selected Managed Miners to use the software that was uploaded. Select No to not make any changes to the selected Managed Miners. The miners can be configured manually later if needed, as explained in next section.

Manual configuration

To change the software to use for mining, open the properties of a Managed Miner in the Options dialog. In the configuration section illustrated by the screenshot below the mining software can be configured. The option Browse uploaded software will open the file browser for the remote computer and makes it possible to specify which software to use for mining. All folders that has been uploaded by Awesome Miner will be displayed here.