A Device profile is a collection of settings for GPU mining, for example GPU clock settings, mining intensity and advanced tuning settings. Device profiles are used by Managed Miners to configure all GPU related settings.

A single Device profile can be used by multiple Managed Miners. This can be useful if several Managed Miners have been created for a single computer, but all configured with different algorithms. In this case it's likely that they still will use the same GPU settings, and for that reason, the same Device profile can be reused.

Device profiles are configured from the Options dialog, Device Profile section. The list of Device profiles are illustrated in the screenshot below. Create a new Device profile by clicking the Add button.

Before loading the Device profile configuration, an initial dialog is displayed where mining software must be specified. The only mining software that support Device profiles are Sgminer and the Claymore miners. In Prepare device profile, settings for GPU devices can be configured to:

  • Use the same configuration for all GPU devices.
  • Manually specify the number of GPU devices to configure.

In the Device profile properties dialog, each setting can either be configured for all devices or for a specific GPU. The Set column can specify one of the following:

  • Not set: This setting will not be configurable and nothing will be added to the miner configuration file for it.
  • All devices: This setting can be configured in the All column, where the setting will be applied for all devices.
  • Per device: Some settings can be configured per device. In this case separate configuration can be made for each GPU.