In order to monitor a miner like Innosilicon A4+ and A5+, Awesome Miner is connecting to the Cgminer API running on the miner to request information. This API is by default disabled on the miner and must manually be enabled before Awesome Miner can connect.

Previous generations of Innosilicon ASIC miners are typically running with the API enabled and doesn't require any configuration.

Set Privileged API access for A4+/A5+

The Innosilicon miners can be configured via Telnet (not SSH) on port 8100. The default username is root and the default password is either innot1t2 or t1t2t3a5 depending on firmware version. If none of these passwords work, please contact the Innosilicon support.

  1. Make the file system writable:
    mount / -o rw,remount
  2. Edit the three highlighted lines in the file below, where "--api-listen" is replaced with "--api-listen --api-network --api-allow W:0/0"
    gInnoInitCmdStr = 'innominer_%s -o %s -u %s -p %s --A1Pll1 %s --A1Pll2 %s --A1Pll3 %s --A1Pll4 %s --A1Vol %s --api-listen --api-network --api-allow W:0/0 > /dev/null 2>&1'
    gInnoBtcName    = 'T1'
    gInnoBtcPool    = 'stratum+tcp://'
    gInnoBtcUser    = 'inno.btc'
    gInnoBtcPwd     = 'x'
    gInnoBtcFreq    = 1332
    gInnoBtcVid     = 10
    gInnoInitBtcCmd = gInnoInitCmdStr % (gInnoBtcName, gInnoBtcPool, gInnoBtcUser, gInnoBtcPwd, gInnoBtcFreq, gInnoBtcFreq, gInnoBtcFreq, gInnoBtcFreq, gInnoBtcVid)
    gInnoLtcName    = 'T2'
    gInnoLtcPool    = 'stratum+tcp://'
    gInnoLtcUser    = 'inno.ltc'
    gInnoLtcPwd     = 'x'
    gInnoLtcFreq    = 1044
    gInnoLtcVid     = 25
    gInnoInitLtcCmd = gInnoInitCmdStr % (gInnoLtcName, gInnoLtcPool, gInnoLtcUser, gInnoLtcPwd, gInnoLtcFreq, gInnoLtcFreq, gInnoLtcFreq, gInnoLtcFreq, gInnoLtcVid)
    gInnoDashName   = 'T3'
    gInnoDashPool   = 'stratum+tcp://'
    gInnoDashUser   = 'inno.dash'
    gInnoDashPwd    = 'x'
    gInnoDashFreq   = 1100
    gInnoDashVid    = 12
    gInnoInitDashCmd= gInnoInitCmdStr % (gInnoDashName, gInnoDashPool, gInnoDashUser, gInnoDashPwd, gInnoDashFreq, gInnoDashFreq, gInnoDashFreq, gInnoDashFreq, gInnoDashVid)
    gInnoXmrName    = 'T4'
    gInnoXmrPool    = 'stratum+tcp://'
    gInnoXmrUser    = 'inno.001'
    gInnoXmrPwd     = 'x'
    gInnoXmrFreq    = 1000
    gInnoXmrVid     = 175
    gInnoInitXmrCmd = gInnoInitCmdStr % (gInnoXmrName, gInnoXmrPool, gInnoXmrUser, gInnoXmrPwd, gInnoXmrFreq, gInnoXmrFreq, gInnoXmrFreq, gInnoXmrFreq, gInnoXmrVid)
    gInnoCmd1Pool   = gInnoInitCmdStr
    gInnoCmd2Pool   = 'innominer_%s -o %s -u %s -p %s -o %s -u %s -p %s --A1Pll1 %s --A1Pll2 %s --A1Pll3 %s --A1Pll4 %s --A1Vol %s --api-listen --api-network --api-allow W:0/0 >/dev/null 2>&1'
    gInnoCmd3Pool   = 'innominer_%s -o %s -u %s -p %s -o %s -u %s -p %s -o %s -u %s -p %s --A1Pll1 %s --A1Pll2 %s --A1Pll3 %s --A1Pll4 %s --A1Vol %s --api-listen --api-network --api-allow W:0/0 >/dev/null 2>&1'
  3. Reboot the miner

For additional help on the setup of this miner, please see the BitcoinTalk forum thread for Innosilicon A4+.

Set Privileged API access for A9 Zmaster

These operations can be performed via an SSH client connected to the ASIC miner. The SSH username is root and the password is often blacksheepwall.

  1. Make the file system writable:
    mount / -o rw,remount
  2. Open the file /etc/systemd/system/ in a text editor like 'vi'. Once the file is opened in the text editor, locate the line below and add the parameter "--api-allow W:0/0" in addition to the existing parameters.
    "ExecStart=/bin/cgminer -c /etc/cgminer.conf --api-listen --api-network --api-allow W:0/0 -syslog --text only

    Step-by-step instructions for how to modify the cgminer.service file:

    1. vi /etc/systemd/system/
    2. Move the cursor to the location where you want to insert the text. Press the key: i
    3. Start typing: --api-allow W:0/0
    4. Press ESC to leave the edit mode.
    5. Type the following (colon, w for write and q for quit
    6. Reboot the miner