Sales questions

Please contact us at for any questions you have about Awesome Miner, for example:

  • How Awesome Miner can fulfill your requirements
  • Questions about features
  • How to order the software
  • Payments

Product support questions

Please note that product support is only intended for questions related to Awesome Miner, not for general questions about mining. For general questions about mining pools, please see the web site of the mining pool for information how to use it. For general questions about mining software or how to get GPU mining working, please see Troubleshooting GPU mining.

Please note that no product support is given on the Free Edition of Awesome Miner, unless there is an intent to move on to one of the paid editions later on.

Please contact us at for product support questions related to Awesome Miner. Please review both the FAQ and the Help sections before contacting the support.